Sparks Program

The Sparks Program provides intensive ABA services in English or Cantonese for families as a more accommodating price option. Students in the Sparks Program work with our newer therapists and a program supervisor. Working in a close knit team, the Sparks Program supervisor will be onsite to provide immediate guidance and direction to all staff members, ensuring all children can achieve their potential.


Key features include:
1. Individualized ABA program with clear objectives and assessment criteria
2. 1:1 ratio of therapist to students
3. Daily and ongoing supervision and evaluation from a senior clinician
4. Group learning opportunities for those students that can benefit
5. Opportunities to work with a variety of AP staff
6. Monthly clinical meetings with parents to review progress
7. Conduct in English or Cantonese
8. Year round program
9. Lower cost


   Plan    Time (Mon – Fri)    Fee (per month)
   Whole day Plan    9:00 – 11:45 &13:00 – 15:30 Price list