Pre School Program

Little Learners

Preschool is both an exciting and challenging time for most parents. This is especially so for parents whose children have some challenges in the areas of socialization and communication.

With over 40 years of experience in helping children with social-communication challenges overcome their difficulties and encapsulate their strengths, Autism Partnership (AP) established Little Learners in Hong Kong in 2002. The class acts as a stepping-stone to help preschool children acquire monumental school readiness. Our preschool program enjoys a 70% success rate of students integrating into a regular school placement by the age of 6.


Apart from exposure to regular academic curricula, each child has their own Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), which is based on their psychological and developmental assessment. The areas covered by a normal IEP will include:

autism-partnership-little-learner-group autism-partnership-little-learner-group-class

Parent’s Sharing

  • “After attending Little Learner’s for 9 months, Dimitry became more motivated to play with other children. He knew how to relate to them, be friendly to others and he would come home really happy and enthusiastic. One of the biggest improvements is that he became creative. He started to make things through drawing and cutting paper. We are very happy to see the improvement made by Dimitry.
    Parents of Dimitry – Mr. Evangelos and Mrs. Sonja