Accelerate Program (English or Cantonese)

Available in English or Cantonese, the Accelerate Program is a full day progressive ABA program designed to maximize progress of the students in the quickest and most efficient way. Each Accelerate team comprises of 4 elite therapists with 1 senior Behavioral Consultant, offering a greater concentration of supervision and daily oversight. This program highly emphasizes training within school-type activities, which aims to increase our students’ motivation, interest and generalization to school settings.

Higher concentration of supervision hours

Supervisor works with a very small number of children, ensuring 4 to 6 times more oversight and supervision than in regular program.

More efficient

Working in a small team enables quicker and more efficient communication and program adjustment.

Whole day program

Children are engaged from 9.00 to 3.30.
(Our staff also provide programming and intervention during lunch time.)


AP can assist students in providing smooth transitions to attend the Little Learners program or a regular school.

Increased preparation and meeting time

Each staff has 2.5 hours daily for preparation of lessons, working on student updates, curriculum revisions and case discussions.

Dynamic learning environment

Numerous learning stations have been created in an open plan environment to mimic the look and feel of a school. Embedding our highly individualized program into school type activities to reduce a therapy feel and the need for external reinforcement.

For more information about this program, please contact Mrs Kaye Lau.
Tel::(852)2526 3812