Individual Treatment

“Since Cole started therapy, he has made tremendous progress. When he started therapy, he had no language skills. After on year, his language was about six month behind his typical peers. As just over four years, he is now completely verbal with language skills equal to typicalk children his age. His other developmental tasks have made similar progress. I am certain he wouldn’t have made this level of progress if he had not gotten early and intensive therapy.”

Marie, whose son joined AP in 2006

“We did Jump Start six weeks after my son was diagnosed. When I say it was a life-changing event for everyone, I truly mean it!”

Jane Heisel, M.D., M.S.

” Etash was diagnosed with ASD at around 2 and half years old. At that time, he was non-verbal, unable to imitate any sound or give response and has cognitive skill below average. After joining AP’s program for a month, he started to imitate sound very quickly, and he has progressed significantly. After 2 years of the program at AP, Etash is now ready to go back to mainstream school. We now feel very positive about his future and can start building dreams for him. ”

Jaishree, whose son joined AP during 2013-2015

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” I’m pleased to see Kyros progressing very well at various stage of development. Not only his social skills have improved, his hand-eye co-ordination and the overall development of fine motor skills have showed progress. I am particularly excited to see his improvement in cognitive skill and he can tell if I am happy or sad now.”

– Kyros’ Mother

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” In a short amount of time at AP, my son already started to show significant progress in learning how to control his temper and impulsive behavior as well as how to engage in social interactions with his peers. In addition, through the parent training provided by AP, I started to master skills to get along with my son too!.”

– Josephine Cheung, whose son joined AP at 6 years old

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” Carlos now interacts with us. We can negotiate with him and he is more reasonable. He also plays with his little brother and gets along with other kids in the park. We are so pleased to see his improvements and we believe we will achieve more working together with AP.”

– Karlos Mother

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” In a short amount of time at AP, my son already started to show significant progress in learning how to control his temper and impulsive behavior as well as how to engage in social interactions with his peers. In addition, through the parent training provided by AP, I started to master skills to get along with my son too!”

– Josephine Cheung, whose son joined AP at 6 years old

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“After 6 months of ABA training, Kimi’s biggest improvement is his language skills, and following are his eye contact and his ability to control his temper. At the age of 1.5, children with normal development can say “Papa, Mama”, but we couldn’t make Kimi speak a word. But just after 3 weeks of ABA training, my son already had visible improvement! From the very first 3 week, he could say a single word “Ma’, to a month after, knowing how to say “Mama” and now he can say “Mommy loves Kimi.” I will never forget this joy. ”

– Kimi’s Mother

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“Zhang came to AP at 3 years old, after a few years of intervention, he has made progress in many areas. Zhang’s clinical staff are very supportive, and have always been motivating me and Zhang through the years of training. They taught me many skills to help deal with Zhang’s problems and reduce my stress of parenting Zhang. I am very grateful of the clinical team working with Zhang. They are very experienced and detail-minded, understand every child’s ability and designing programs that are effective for individual children.”

Zhang’s Mother

“Now Cheuk Cheuk has been receiving 6-7 months of training at AP (Autism Partnership), he has made significant progress in various aspects. He could only speak one or two words before coming to AP. And we couldn’t make him to sit still and learn. Often times, he had no interactions with others.
After receiving two months of training, he’s able to speak some words. He has improved a lot in terms of following instructions and he also showed more interests in others.
I think what’s special about AP is that AP therapists are not forcing Cheuk Cheuk to do things. Instead, they lead Cheuk Cheuk to take the initiative to learn, and he was enjoying the learning progress. (Through Parent Education) We know how to help Cheuk Cheuk in generalizing his skills at home, this is something that the previous organization failed to teach us. ”

– Cheuk Cheuk’s Father

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“We approached Autism Partnership in September 2009 after a frustrating year trying to find effective and professional help for our son. Within one month we had a fully supported and highly individualized ABA programme running which showed immediate results! They tackled the problem behaviors – sleep, self care, rituals, stimulation – first, to the immediate improvement of all our lives. ”

Sarah Sommer

Industry Conference/Workshop

” The one-day didactic workshop was extremely successful, almost 250 people came, mostly parents and special education workers. Actually, some scientist and doctors also attended the lecture, even the head of child psychiatry of Siberian Federal Region visited the talk. The hands-on part overcame all expectations and was absolutely fantastic. Everyone including parents, students and even translators were elated by the progress the kids made. It was unbelievable. We all saw what the real quality ABA intervention was.”

– Yevgeniy, Parent/Organizer of training workshop, Siberia, Russia

” A wonderful, clear, concise and informative presentation. A chance to ask questions along the way. Presented with clear PowerPoint and useful information with signs to look out for how to help. ”

– Mr. Beauchamp Ruth, Sai Kung International Pre-school, Hong Kong

” The teaching interaction workshop was excellent. It was beyond my expectation, a lot of worthwhile information and practical exercise that is very useful to me both in professional and in personal life. I never regret that I had traveled miles away from Bangkok all the way to Hong Kong just to be part of this workshop. I will definitely attend another workshop in AP

– Ms Eden Vidal, ASCOT International School, Bangkok

” I just wanted to write to say how valuable and information I found the recent AP workshop. The presenter was extremely well prepared and the timing of the presentation was just right for our group which was a mixture of parents, teachers and therapists. Attending your workshop was an excellent way for me to network, with other people in the breaks too. I like the fact that the training groups are small, it meant that even the shy participants felt confident to ask questions.
I particularly enjoy the sessions where we can practice our new skills with real students. I don’t know any other support service which offers such a variety of workshop topics.
It is a real testament to the talents of the AP managers and staff. I cannot stress how important it is for AP to continue to encourage capacity building in these very effective research based technique in HK.
Thanks again. Keep up the good work. ”

– Dr. Kathleen Tait, Associate Professor in Disability Studies

Parents Education

” This parent workshop is very practical and lots of useful information. I have learned basic ABA skills to help my child to learn new things and also change some of his unwanted behaviors. This workshop helps to make our lives much easier from now on.”

– Ms. Elaine Lau, Parent

” Special thanks to Clara and Ray. They are professional, accurate and passionate. The workshop’s atmosphere is pleasant and content is inspiring. ”

– Ms. Sandy Ng, Parent