ACTION! School-Based Social Program

What is ACTION!?

ACTION! is a school-based social program, training students social skills through the procedure of “Teaching Interactions” and the application of “Video Taking”.

ACTION! =”Video Taking” + “Teaching Interactions”?

“Teaching Interaction” is a flexible yet systematic teaching approach. Through discussions, role plays and practices, students are able to improve their social communication skills and effectively overcome their social barriers and social stress. It has been clinically proven to effectively improve social behaviors, including friends making, sharing and communicating.

「Video Taking」 has, evidently, become a trend for youngsters. Through “Teaching Interaction” + “Video Taking”, ACTIONS! enables students to learn the fundamental video taking and editing skills, and build a healthy interactive peers relationship.


Who is suitable for ACTION!?

High function ASD students or students with social difficulties. 3-4 students per group.




Teaching Interaction VS Social Skills

Social skill is an essential skill for students and greatly influences their quality of life.
While obtaining good academic is crucial in school, having quality friendship is equally important. Strong social relationships support mental health, and when without one, it often brings depression, stress and isolation.

For students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), social skills do not develop on their own easily. These skills need to be taught. In 1980s, the Teaching Interaction procedure was brought from the University of Kansas’ Teaching Family Program to the UCLA Young Autism Project and it has been successfully used within ASD treatment for several decades. A recent research indicated that as compared to social stories, Teaching Interaction procedure is a more effective approach to teach social skills to children and adolescents with ASD.

ACTION! Program Info

  • 1 hour discussion with behavior consultant and school teacher
  • Social group: 10 lessons, 2 hours per lesson
  • 1 page report per student
  • Video (10 – 15 minutes)




What Students learn from ACTION!?

Lesson 1: Relationship and interest building, individual assessment, goal and target setting.Rehearsal, learn fundamental video taking and editing skills.
Lesson 2: Tasks allocating, role playing and rehearsal.
Lesson 3: Take One – Self introduction, school setting and activities.
Lesson 4: Take Two – 「What are the differences between Primary school and Secondary school?」
Lesson 5: Take Three – 「What do you like doing at school?」
Lesson 6: Take Four – 「Are you pleased with your academic grade?」
Lesson 7: 「What are your school traditions and spirits? How do you sustain them?」
Lesson 8: Take Six – 「What are your school traditions and spirits? How do you sustain them?」
Lesson 9: Take Seven – 「Sharing with teacher: What did you learn from this program?」
Lesson 10: Personal reflection and video sharing with teacher.

School Testimonial

I was very thankful for Mr Raymond FUNG and staff of Autism Partnership for their professional services provided to our students. A group of students with Special Educational Needs and their buddies were guided by Raymond to develop social and communication skills through an interesting and meaningful project.

It was indeed encouraging to see my students enjoy participating in Raymond’s programme and their parents also gave very positive comments on the programme’s effectiveness.

I was impressed by the student-centred and personal approach Mr FUNG and his colleagues adopted in this programme while successfully fulfilling our ultimate target of offering an expert level of intervention services to our students.

Miss Lee

ACTION! @ AP School

ACTION! Program Developer


Dr. Raymond Fung holds a Doctor of Education from the University of Bristol, a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from St. Cloud State University. His doctoral thesis explored Progressive ABA, Autism and Technology. He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has been teaching individuals with autism and training professionals for over 20 years.

Dr. Raymond Fung has been receiving ongoing training from Dr. Ron Leaf, Dr. John McEachin and their associates since he joined AP in 2000, Since 2005, he has trained more than 500 behavioral therapists internationally. In 2007, he participated in the curriculum development for AP School. In 2014, he developed 6 mobile applications for individuals with autism. In 2016, he created a school-based social skill program for local secondary students. In 2018, he hosted a radio program on RTHK with a group of adults with high functioning autism. Currently, he is the training director of AP Hong Kong, and the voluntary consultant of AP Foundation. He consults in China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, South Africa, and Russia. Previously, he was the clinical director of 2 AP international offices, the conference chair of Hong Kong Association for Behaivor Analysis, and a part-time lecturer of a master program in autism in the Open University of Hong Kong.