Parents Education

Parent education and skills training is an integral part of Autism Partnership’s model of service. Parent involvement and ability to implement ABA strategies are essential for obtaining the best long-term outcome for a child. Training sessions are aimed at improving the skills of parents and are individualized to each parent and child that may include areas such as: toileting, eating problems, sleeping issues and developing skill areas such as compliance and speech and play skills. Alternatively, trainings can be done at home to help parents manage behavioral challenges.

Parents Involvement

The more parents participate in the course of treatment and the more skillful they are, the closer we are to the best possible outcome. Skilled and involved parents are able to provide more support and learning opportunities outside therapy hours.

Parents Empowerment Workshop

Requisite for all parents at AP, short courses in the format of workshops will introduce fundamental and basic principles of ABA. We believe your child’s treatment process is a partnership between parents and experts.


  • “This parent workshop is very practical and lots of useful information. I have learned basic ABA skills to help my child to learn new things and also change some of his unwanted behaviors. This workshop helps to make our lives much easier from now on.” Ms. Elaine Lau, Parent
  • “Special thanks to Clara and Ray. They are professional, accurate and passionate. The workshop’s atmosphere is pleasant and content is inspiring.” Ms. Sandy Ng, Parent

Individual Parent training

Offered in our center or at home, training aims to help parents deal with domestic or challenging issues that do not surface during therapy hours, for example, sleeping, eating and behavior issues.