Family Support

Parenting a child with ASD, regardless of age range and severity levels, is a daunting task.

Research consistently showed that parents of children with ASD experienced higher levels of stress than parents of typically developing children or children with other types of developmental disabilities. Learning about the functions of various behavioural issues and being supported to utilize effective strategies to deal with these problems and build up more adaptive habits and skills in the child are helpful in the coping of parental stress.

We also know that parent involvement and their abilities to implement ABA strategies are essential for obtaining the best long-term outcome for a child.

Whilst our stance is not to train parents to be therapists, we aim at:

  • Empowering parents to manage their child’s behavioural issues,
  • Better integrating the child into family life and routines,
  • Positively supporting the child’s overall development, including nurturing of specific strengths
  • Supporting parents to proactively utilize social opportunities to enhance the therapeutic gains of their child.


We provide the below services for individual families:

Individual Family Support sessions

For our existing families, these training sessions are included as part of their child’s therapy plans.

For new families whose children are not on our therapy plans, the sessions are provided upon initial screening on the suitability of the individual family’s situation and needs. Visit Assessment & Consultation to learn more about our Parent Consultation services.

Parent Empowerment Workshops These are short courses in the format of workshops, introducing fundamental and basic principles of ABA in the context of teaching new skills and managing behavioural problems.

Visit AP Events to enroll to our current ABA workshops and talks.