Kimi’s ABA Training Progress

Kimi has been receiving ABA training at Autism Partnership HK since January 1, 2017. He was 2 years and 7 months old when he first arrived AP. He was receiving full day intensive 1 on 1 ABA training and group sessions to train up his group and social skills. He has improved greatly since then and now is studying in a mainstream kindergarten.


Day 6 – 10 Learning how to Learn

Day 11 – 15 Language

Day 16 – 20 Learn to Wait

Day 21 – 25 Behavior Problem

Pretend Play Skills

Ritualistic Behavior

Eye Token

Routine Training

Behavioral Management System

Social games

Attention Training Program

Kimi's 6 months ABA training - Language Skills

Kimi's 6 months ABA training – Learning How to Learn Skills

Kimi’s 6 months training – Play Skills

Kimi’s 6 months training – Social Skills

Kimi's Progress in October 2017

Kimi's Progress in November 2017

Kimi's Progress in December 2017

Kimi's Progress in January 2018

Kimi's Progress in February 2018

Kimi's Progress in March 2018

Kimi's Progress in 2019

Kimi's Progress in May 2018

Kimi's Progress in July 2018

2 years of ABA training - Language

Kimi's Progress in April 2019

Kimi's Progress - Perspective Taking