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What Kind of Education Does Your Child Need?

The following questions have been looping in my head (probably endless) since their kids were born.

“Are international schools better than local schools?”
“What exactly is International Baccalaureate (IB)?”
“Is it realistic, or even possible, for me to find a school that has less homework and exams?”
“How should I prepare my child for the interviews?” (But wait a second! Should I figure out what do the interviews cover first?)
“Ok! Now I have option A, B and C, how to pick the perfect one?”
We don’t see these concerns are going to end yet, problem solving is a big part of our responsibility as a parent. Although we don’t enjoy repeated discussion on the same matter, the following question is worthy of our discussion.

What kind of education does your child need?
We believe that the children we have worked with have enormous potential and they can learn! But firstly we need to understand and appreciate that each child is different and unique in his or her own ways, which means that one formula will NEVER fit all.

The next couple questions might lead you in the right direction when you attempt to answer the million dollar question:

  1. What does your child actually need to learn? (This helps you to think about what should the curriculum look like!)
  2. How will your child learn best and most efficiently? (This will help you to determine the most suitable teaching format and environment for your child!)
  3. What type of teachers will help your child the most? Does he or she need to be taught by specific techniques or methodologies?
  4. There are so much more to think about! Let’s talk again very soon!


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