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Time for a Quiz Break! How to teach a child with ASD to follow instruction in class?

QUESTION: You are a parent of a child with ASD. Recently, you have received a complaint from his/her school teacher saying that he/she has not been complying with the teacher’s instructions in class. How would you handle the situation?

You would:

1)Be frustrated and scold your child.
2)Deny the situation and provide examples of your child being obedient.
3)Ask the teacher to explain his/her negative behaviors in school and discuss with other parents.
4)Do nothing about it because you assume it was just a bad day for your child.
5)Request more information from the teacher, then talk with your child and do role play at home.

Let’s check the result! If you choose…

1)Being emotional could not help the situation. Scolding or negative feedback may trigger some negative behaviors and affect your child’s school life.
2)Bringing up examples of your child being obedient at home would allow teacher to understand more about your child, but you might not find solutions for solving the negative behaviors at school.
3)Good to ask for more information from the teacher, but discussing with other parents might not get appropriate advice as every child’s situation is unique.
4)Ignoring the situation and trying to redirect yourself with some excuses does not help the situation. You will never understand the reason why your child ignoring the instructions at school. Leaving the problem unsolved may affect the academic, social and school life of your child.
5)That’s right! Asking for more information from the teacher and having a talk with your child would definitely help understanding the situation. You may know the struggle behind his behavior and be able to comfort your child appropriately. This may be the first step for you to carry out behavioral intervention.

Now let’s take a look at how we teach a child to listen to instruction at school!
Parents Q&A – How to teach children with ASD to follow instruction in class
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