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Google glass: A Game-changer for children with Autism

Google glass – you may know that it is an optical head-mounted display, but you probably don’t know it can be a useful tool for teaching children with Autism. Invented by Catalin Voss, a Stanford University graduate student, a face recognition programme was loaded onto google glass and children with ASD are now able to pick up on social cues in real time, and real world.

A group of scientists implemented The Autism glass project, which attempted to enable children to learn matching facial expressions with emotions. The programme tracked facial expressions through the Google glass camera and provide audio or visual descriptions of whether the person is happy, sad or angry etc. Children can identify and recognize emotions with more learning motivation given by the interesting experience of using the google glass.

google glass for ASD

With devoted professionals dedicated to serve individuals with autism and try improve their quality of life, the society care more for those with ASD and make a difference to their lives. The personalized learning experience offered by the smart glass with computer programme in it may open up a new world for children with ASD.

Watch the below clip and explore more about it!

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