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Effective teaching workshop demonstrates Discrete Trial Teaching

Using effective teaching approach is crucial to educate children, especially those with Autism. To let more caregivers of ASD children to teach effectively, AP organized a 2-day workshop “Effective Teaching” on 11th and 18th June, 2016 to introduce Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), an instructional method using simplified and structured steps.

Conducted by Jason Wu, a senior behavioral therapist at Autism Partnership, the workshop consisted of two sections: a didactic introductory section and a hands-on section for role-play.

The rationale of DDT, and its practical applications were presented to the participants. These teaching methods can be applied in different areas such as in communication, social and play skills, etc. Three children with ASD were invited to demonstrate how DTT can be applied in natural settings.

The workshop ended successfully, receiving appreciation from participants.

For more info about upcoming workshops, please visit AP event page.

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