Dad of ASD Child: The Progress of Yesterday and Today

Parenting is never easy, especially when parenting a child with ASD, as it requires more time, effort and energy. Despite the chronic stress and challenges ASD has brought to their daily lives, like many parents of children with ASD, Cheuk Cheuk’s Dad also experienced tremendous joy and pleasures from parenting. The joy of seeing the progress Cheuk Cheuk has made every day and becoming more independent is the best thing a dad can ever have imagined.

Silver Lining to Parenting a Child with ASD: With Positive Attitudes

How does a child’s ASD diagnosis affect the members of the family?

From hesitation to bringing Cheuk Cheuk for ASD assessment, from uncertainties to understanding how to get along and help Cheuk Cheuk with his learning progress, Cheuk Cheuk’s dad is a dad that stands firm with his affirmativeness and trust of his son.

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Cheuk Cheuk’s ABA Training Progress

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