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AP Summer internship program 2016

Partnering with 3 Hong Kong universities – Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Baptist University and Baptist University – College of International Education, Autism Partnership (AP) offered internship placement to university students to help them gain practical experience in work setting and maximize their potential beyond classroom lectures. With a comprehensive internship program, the interns gained awareness and knowledge towards ASD, hands-on experience in applying ABA in the overlapping therapy and work-related skills such as critical thinking, analytical skill and adaptation skill.

Students found the program to be enlightening, as it gave an opportunity for them to learn about children with ASD and ABA therapy in more depth.

Internship Video – Experience Sharing
Mila Chong, Phoebe Lee, Valerie Yuen

Let’s take a look what they want to say:

Sardonna Ng, intern:
“Nobody is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational.” quoted from a psychologist, Hugh Mackay, to conclude what I observed, learnt, and felt throughout the treasurable internship at Autism Partnership. This is a wonderful chance to experience the real working environment. Our internship team was given the opportunity to observe the lessons, prepare the teaching materials as well as work on some mini projects in which I learnt a lot from these. I would miss the joyful moment with children with autism, the creative moment for preparing the materials, the reflective moment in working out our projects.
Everyone is imperfect as well as the people with autism. Through the observations during these seven weeks, I realize that I am also somehow behave similar to children with autism but they just learn and think in different way, just like everybody has various strengths and weaknesses, and hence, they require another particular education programme, the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
I am truly impressed, surprised, and touched with the improvement of the children under the help of ABA! The ABA really does help on them effectively! I believe anyone who received a suitable teaching style would also have a great enhancement. Actually, I think this kind of active teaching could be utilized in mainstream school as well which is very interesting and motivating! I am sure it would benefit all of the children.
Our lives have ups and downs and the relationships are complicated. People with autism might not understand these very well and so do us. We are all irrational but we would overcome tons of challenges all along the life and there are unlimited possibilities. This memorable internship certainly inspires me a lot and I believe this experience will be useful throughout my life.

Kate Lai, intern:
I choose special education needs as my internship preference as I want to come out of my comfort zone and learn more different things. Undoubtedly, I have really learnt a lot and even out of my expectation.
Before the internship in Autism Partnership, I didn’t know much about Autism. During the overlapping sessions in AP center, the class observations at AP School and the therapists’ presentation, I learnt autism in a well-rounded aspect. I definitely learnt a lot about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and how effective of ABA is. I think ABA can really help the children with autism to improve their behavioral problem.
My impression of children with autism has totally changed after this internship program. They also have their strengths and weaknesses just like us, and they may be even more active than us! I think children with autism just need more guidance so as to improve different developmental skills.
I really enjoyed the internship here and I will definitely miss the super cute kids and friendly therapists in AP and APS. Lastly, I would like to greatly appreciate AP and APS provide such an unforgettable and memorable internship for us to learn.

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