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AP equips students with training for the future

Autism Partnership Hong Kong has recently created some training opportunity programs for students of the AP Hong Kong Office and Aoi Pui School to equip them with more skills for their future development. By providing this training, we hope to provide these students with skills such as following instructions and performing work tasks independently.

Since December 2014, 3 students from the Hong Kong Office and 2 students from Aoi Pui School have been benefited from this training opportunity. Under little supervision, these students were required to input data in a set format, file documents in an alphabetical order, search data from the internet and letter shop.

Lachlan, one of the students of the AP Hong Kong Office, said, “The training was a rather fun experience. I have learnt a few things from it as well. I have learnt to work independently and get tasks done on time as well as treat everyone with respect”.

Jasmine Au, Lachlan’s Supervisor, said, “The training program gave Lachlan a great opportunity to practice being independent at work, and gain valuable work field experience that could not be simulated at school or at home.  We were pleased to see Lachlan working independently when tasks were assigned to him, and also see him enjoy being in the work environment and feeling happy to come to work every day. ”

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