The Joys and Challenges of Parenting a Child with ASD

It is not easy to be the parent of a child with ASD. There are joyous moments, but there is no denying the challenges parents face, and the stresses these take.

We are honored to have a few families to share the joys and challenges of bringing up their child with autism. Often what parents afraid the most is their child’s safety. Children with ASD often lack of danger awareness and they will conduct very dangerous acts as example running off from the parents to the street across. Parents required extra efforts in taking care of their child. We are sure many parents out there share similar joys and worries too.

Kimi’s Mum Sharing (4 Years of Training): More Than a Stormy Ride: Courage and Determination of a ASD Parent

Kimi’s Mum Sharing (0.5 Years of Training) : Not Easy to Be a Mother of an ASD child

Cheuk’s Dad Sharing (1.5 Years of Training) : Grow at Your Own Pace

Kasey’s Dad Sharing: All Things in Their Being are Good for Something.

Mia’s Parent Sharing (5 Days of Training): An Unexpected Progress from a Young Child

Hun Yu’s Mum Sharing: An Inspirational Journey with my Daughter

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