APM Educational Project – Case Sharing#3: Frank

APM Educational Project is a campaign that brings awareness to Autism Spectrum Disorder and address the importance of early intervention and effectiveness of APM treatment. Follow us to learn more about Autism and ABA Early Intervention!

Frank is currently 5 years and 6 month old, now attending in a special school in Hong Kong. He was diagnosed with ASD at 2 years and 7 months old.

His mum reported that Frank presents many #behaviour problems. He is unable to sustain attention nor focus on tasks at school or at home. Frank also has poor waiting and self-control skills; he will throw tantrum daily, especially when his requests are denied.

Frank also exhibits language delay, can only say short simple sentences. He has difficulty in speaking in longer sentences and following daily instructions.

Frank’s Baseline

Parents’ Concern – The Every Behavior and Learning Problems of my Child with ASD

Frank’s 5 Day APM Training Progress(Attending)

Frank’s 5 Day APM Training Progress(Responding)

Frank’s 5 Day APM Training Progress(Waiting)

Frank’s 5 Day APM Training Progress(Communication)

Parent Sharing – With the Right Method and Strategy, We See a Difference in my Child

APM Educational Project – Empowering parents to manage behavioural issues of their child with autism

Disclosure Statement of Frank’s mom

Frank’s mother was invited to present their perspective as an educational opportunity for addressing the awareness of ASD and importance of early-intervention. Frank is a past client of Autism Partnership Hong Kong.

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