Autism Treatment – Not All ABA are the Same! What is Progressive ABA?

Throughout decades, new intervention methods for ASD have emerged one after another, but the effectiveness of these treatments remains controversial. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is considered by most as the “gold standard” therapy for autism; it is evidence-based, scientifically-proven and has come from decades of scientific research. However, there are still controversy around ABA therapy.

This is because not all ABA are the same! Some believed that children become “robotic” through ASD teaching methods, and this misconception came from poor quality ABA that is extremely rigid, protocol driven, and adherent to a set of pre-determined rules, regardless of the child. ABA can take a variety of different forms depending upon the technique, approach and skills in implementation by the therapists. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to understand the component of high-quality ABA and the skills a therapist needs to provide high-quality ABA.


Autism Partnership – Providing Effective Services to Individuals with Autism Since 1994 in 14 Cities

APM is a progressive model of ABA, that is highly individualized, child friendly, holistic and focused on “in-the-moment analysis” and “clinical judgement”.

With over 45 years of research and effective clinical practice and with centers located in 14 cities, Autism Partnership provides APM treatment for individuals with ASD. In contrast to conventional ABA, the APM is a highly flexible, yet systematic and compassionate approach meeting the individual needs. Our approach to intervention applies sound teaching principles of learning to help children succeed.

In the upcoming three weeks, our AP behavioral consultants will discuss how APM can help individuals of ASD to learn and thrive in different ages. Topics include how APM is applied to improve children’s learning motivation, behavior problems, language skills and social skills.
See you in the coming Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm! (HK Time, once-off LIVE, no replay to be provided.)
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Language: English

Date & Time Topic Speaker
9/11(Tue) 1pm-1:30pm APM and the Journeys of Children with ASD Mr. Toby Mountjoy

M.Sc., BCBA, Director
11/11(Thur) 1pm-1:30pm Improving Motivation in Learning of Children with ASD Dr. Raymond Fung

Ed.D, M.S. ABA, BCBA, Training Director
16/11(Tue) 1pm-1:30pm Effective Strategies in Dealing with Behavior Problems
Ms. Kan Wong
Program Director
18/11(Thur) 1pm-1:30pm Developing language skills in children with ASD at beginning level
Ms. Teresa Ng
Behavioral Consultant
23/11(Tue) 1pm-1:30pm Application of ABA in Group Settings
Ms. Christy Lai
Behavioral Consultant
25/11(Thur) 1pm-1:30pm Applying Autism Partnership Method in Primary School
Dr. Yvonne Cheung
Ed.D, M.S. ABA, BCBA, Behavioral Consultant
30/11(Tue) 1pm-1:30pm Autism and Education: preparing for adulthood
Ms. Abbie Chan
M.SocSc, Principal

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