【Autism Online Talk】Long-term Outcome for Children with ASD who Received APM

Since 1994, Autism Partnership (AP) has been committed to providing quality behavioral treatment for children with ASD. Having conducted over 100 peer reviewed researches and nearly 30 years of clinical works in different countries, we found that with quality early intensive intervention, children with ASD have the potential to make great gains that lead to positive, life-long changes.

Last year, our Director, Mr. Toby Mountjoy (Msc., BCBA), was invited by Xiamen Medical Association as a speaker in their Annual Conference on Children Development in China, and shared with thousands of healthcare professionals about our work findings and treatment method – Autism Partnership Method, APM.

To bring awareness to ASD and address the importance of effective early intervention, this talk will be on live publicly on our YouTube channel on January 21. Parents and school teachers are encouraged to tune-in, to understand more about how effective treatment can make a difference to children with ASD and improve the lives of the children and their families.

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