[ASD Workshops for Parents] AP Concludes Successful Workshops in 10 Cities in China

Highlights of the 10 Cities Workshops

Speakers: Mr. Toby Mountjoy (MSc, CPBA-AP, BCBA, AP Director), Dr. Raymond Fung (Ed.D, M.S.ABA, BCBA, AP Training Director)

From March to April 2023, as part of the “World Autism Awareness Day” celebration and with the aim of spreading awareness of ASD and quality early intervention, Mr. Toby Mountjoy and Dr. Raymond Fung from Autism Partnership Hong Kong conducted a series of ASD workshops for parents of children with ASD in 10 major cities in China:
  1. More than 300 parents participated in the 10 workshops
  2. Provided free one-on-one consultations to 117 ASD families in China, offering clinical advices and training suggestions to parents facing challenges and difficulties
  3. Carried out visits and exchanges with 4 institutions in Chengdu, Qingdao, Tianjin, and Xiamen
  4. Received multiple media reports and interviews

This is not a lonely journey. I will do my best to walk with my child and support my child to live and strive like other individuals. I believe ASD families still have a happy and bright future to look forward to.
From this charity event, I witnessed a number of case-sharing and through other children I see the inspiring path that my child can take.

– From a parent who participated in the workshop

Though scholars have many different speculations about the cause of ASD, the exact cause is still unknown. For parents who have noticed their child might have ASD, it would be more rational for them to seek for professional advice, accept who their child is, and look for treatment that can improve their overall skills and abilities.

– Comments from journalists

Highlights of the 10 Cities Workshops

During the 3 weeks of traveling, Toby Mountjoy and Dr. Raymond Fung have successfully conducted a series of impactful ASD workshops in 10 major cities in China for parents of children with ASD. During this trip, we have gained recognition from many ASD families and we are very appreciated for their support.

Yet, due to the limited time we stayed per each city, our clinical team was unable to answer questions from all parents in needs. During the workshops, many questions from parents were collected and unanswered, and to provide advice to parents’ concerns, we will invite your clinical team to reply some of those questions on our social media platforms in the coming weeks.

If parents have more suggestions or questions, welcome to email us or message us on our social media platforms, and we will try our best to answer questions and share insights for parents.

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