COVID-19 Resources for Parents and Caregivers of Children with Autism

Disruptions to our personal lives, schedule changes, and school closings present unique challenges individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. In these challenging times, Autism Partnership is here to provide you ASD resources and ABA knowledges to cope with the challenges!

To help, we have compiled these resources aimed to reduce anxieties and support people with ASD, their families, providers and educators during this time. 。


How can Parents Teach their Child at Home

Develop your Child’s Spontaneous Communication Skills at Home (Part 1 – Ideas)

Develop your Child’s Spontaneous Communication Skills at Home (Part 2 – Techniques)

Communication Temptation – How to teach your child to speak spontaneously?

How to make online learning successful for your child?

Teaching your Child to Wait

Using a Timer to Improve Attention of Children with Autism

How to improve eye contact in children with ASD

How To Increase Children’s Initiation In Daily Life: Preschoolers

Self Help Skills for Children with ASD

How to teach my child to wash hand independently

Teach Children to Put on a Mask during Covid-19 Pandemic

6 Tips to Get Your Child to Wear A Mask

How to Teach Children Good Personal Hygiene

Tantrum-Free Haircut For A Child With Autism

How to get your child to eat different food

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