Autism Partnership Foundation – World Autism Awareness Day

In response to “World Autism Awareness Day” designated by the United Nations, Autism Partnership Foundation (APF) organises a series of campaigns for the rights and well-being of people with autism every year.

“Reach out to Children with Autism” is the public education theme of APF in 2019. You are sincerely invited to join the following initiatives:
  • – Dress Blue Day
  • – Light It Up Blue
  • – Documentary Screening
  • – Public Talks
  • – Charity Sale
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APF Introduction & Background

APF is a registered charitable organisation in Hong Kong. APF has been committed to making a difference in the lives of children with autism and their families through a variety of initiatives, including ABA treatments, education programmes and publications. In 2007, we set up the AP School (APS). It is a primary school which adopts ABA for teaching children with ASD and, offers both academic and autism-specific curriculums. Starting from 2016, we have established the Parents Resources Centre to provide one-month intensive ABA therapy to children with ASD from low-income families. We also regularly organise training courses and workshops for parents, helping them to handle and improve the behavioural problems of their children.

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