APSPARKS 1 DAY Special Offer on 2 April

Designated by the United Nations, 2 April of each year is “World Autism Awareness Day”, which aims to raise awareness and acceptance of autism spectrum disorders). To celebrate World Autism Awareness Day, APSPARKS will offer a 1 Day flash discount, ONLY valid on 2 April 2019.

Membership Promotion code Discounted price
6 months membership for new users blue2019 HKD900 HKD200
12 months membership for Existing Paid members* Login and check now HKD1188 HKD200

Notes for Existing Paid Members: Newly purchased subscription months will be accumulated and stacked with your existing subscription months. (E.G. existing 3 months left + 12 newly subscribed months = 15 months of subscription)

APSPARKS, a ABA resource website aims to spark your creativity, and spark your very own unique programming ideas for different children with autism using a more progressive style of ABA.

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Parents Corner and Professional Corner is launched!!!

To provide a more comprehensive ABA platform, Parents Corner and Professional Corner is launched to better navigate you though our APSPARKS website and to assist you in searching for the right ABA resources and information that suit your needs!

Parents Corner – If you're a parent looking for answers.

Here you'll find information (videos and useful tools) on ASD parenting, training skills and school placement of your child.

Professional Corner – If you're looking for information that will help you develop your professional skills.

Here provides a range of resources to assist teachers, school leaders and other education professionals to support students on the autism spectrum in the classroom and other school contexts, and create an ‘autism friendly’ school culture.

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