APM Educational Project 2022 – Lucas’ Family

Around the age of two, Lucas’ parents noticed that Lucas’ language development was slower compared to his peers, and he seldom communicated or interacted with others. At first, they thought Lucas was simply developmental delayed, however, as he grew older, various severe behavioural problems started to emerge. He was then diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD) at the age of 2 years and 7 months. Throughout Lucas’ upbringing, Lucas’s parents have encountered many challenges in dealing with his behaviour and learning problems and were unable to provide him with necessary treatment support. They later decided to seek professional support from Autism Partnership (AP).

Parent Sharing – Lucas’s Dad: Seeking professional support early can make a big difference for the child

Addressing Aggressive of 2 Years Old Lucas

Program#1 – following instructions

Program#2 – Waiting

Parent Training

Lucas’ Parent Sharing: We Can Now Apply Effective Strategies to Address my Son’s Everyday Behaviour Problems.

Disclosure Statement of Lucas’s parents

Lucas’s parents were invited to present her perspective as an educational opportunity for addressing the awareness of ASD and importance of early-intervention. Lucas is a past client of Autism Partnership Hong Kong.

Case Sharing of APM Educational Project in 2022

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