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Aoi Pui School media tour explores ABA training

A media tour was held at the four-storey Aoi Pui School on 12th July, 2016 with the invited representatives from Sing Tao Daily, Ming Pao, HK Economic Times and Parenting headline.

Welcomed  by Principal Man, journalists were given an introduction of the school and an opportunity to visit the classrooms, cookery room and multipurpose hall. Having observed the teaching-and-learning interactions during lessons, they gained insight of the unique teaching approach of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at AP School.

The highlight of the tour was the parent sharing by Ada, whose son was once a student at Aoi Pui School but later transited smoothly to a mainstream regular school. Her son shown traits relevant to ASD when he was in kindergarten, but teachers were not supportive in helping Ada’s son. They have tried various treatments before coming to Aoi Pui School, but the progress made was not significant. With the intensive training and parent-teacher collaboration at AP School, Ada’s son made great improvements during the critical developmental stages and Ada was relieved to see her son behaved in proper manner, and now exhibited minor behavioral problems.

The half-day school visit ended with a Q and A session and has brought attention to the media of  Autism awareness and parents’ stress problem in Hong Kong.

To read the news articles in Chinese:
親子頭條【校長專訪】為自閉症學童 度身訂造課程

To learn more about Aoi Pui School, please visit the school website.
About Aoi Pui School
aoi pui school 愛培學校
Aoi Pui School (APS), formerly Autism Partnership School, is a private primary school and is registered under the Education Department. It was founded by Autism Partnership Foundation in 2007 and was the first school designed specifically for the needs of moderate to high functioning children with autism in Hong Kong.
The school benefits students who may not be quite ready for a full mainstream placement by providing more individual planning to meet their education, emotional and communication needs.
Aoi Pui School has many unique aspects that make it different from other schools in Hong Kong and come from our extensive experience in consulting to schools all over the United States.

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