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An extraordinary Journey of a Student at Aoi Pui School – Principal Man’s Journal

Principal Man’s Journal

I am happy to let you know that one of our students that joined our School Program in 2014, will be graduating from our School and moving to regular education after the Easter break.

This great result was achieved because of several important components:

  1. Firstly, the student themselves came in with sound foundation skills and pre-requisite skills. Their academic performance, language and communication were very high, and they had very low emotional regulation needs, and self-stimulatory behaviors.
  2. Second, through our individualized education plan, we were able to focus on areas of need for the student, and communicate to the parents when it was a good time for transition and try out schools, with a recommendation letter, and the teachers and School Principal compiling a student’s portfolio, we submitted this to one of the Schools we have been liaising closely with, and after reviewing arranged the student to visit the School and be interviewed and assessed.
  3. Lastly, the parent’s involvement, it was our upmost pleasure working with this student’s mother, as they were very trusting to us, and followed our recommendations, for parent training, joining extracurricular, working on things at home.

Since our official start of the School Program in 2007, we have had a total of 113 students enter our School program, and we have successfully helped 45 student return to regular school in Hong Kong both local or international school.

To know more about our school, Aoi Pui School, please visit our website, http://www.apschool.edu.hk/

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