A Work in Progress – The First Week progress of Cheuk Cheuk

Cheuk Cheuk has been receiving ABA training at Autism Partnership HK since December 17, 2018. He was 2 years and 6 months old when he first arrived AP. Before receiving intervention, he showed limited speech and responsiveness to others, minimal eye contact with unfamiliar people, and short attention span. Social initiation and peer interest were rare. He is now having full day intensive 1 on 1 ABA training.

Here’s Cheuk Cheuk’s first week progress! Our intervention to his therapy starts with simple learning contingency programs. The goal is to increase his initiative, spontaneous and attention skills. Non-verbal Imitation programs are also introduced to develop his Learning How to Learn skill, which is a core skill to help construct solid foundation for his future learning.


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To recap Cheuk Cheuk’s Baseline videos

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