A Work in Progress – The First Week Baseline of Cheuk Cheuk

Cheuk Cheuk has been receiving ABA training at Autism Partnership HK since December 17, 2018. He was 2 years and 6 months old when he first arrived AP. Before receiving intervention, he showed limited speech and responsiveness to others, minimal eye contact with unfamiliar people, and short attention span. Social initiation and peer interest were rare. He is now having full day intensive 1 on 1 ABA training.

The First Week Baseline of Cheuk Cheuk – Language and Communication Skills

Children with ASD often exhibit difficulties in the learning process of behaviour, social interaction and communication skills. Our new student, Cheuk Cheuk, also exhibits difficulties in various language areas, including spontaneous verbal and non-verbal language and comprehensive skills.

In the video, Toby discusses and breakdowns Cheuk Cheuk’s first week performance and his current skill levels (strengths and weaknesses) on his language skill. Through various improvised scenarios, you will see Cheuk Cheuk’s responses and feedbacks to some of the requests and tasks. Let’s take a look how we evaluate his performance and the skills that we need to teach him in the coming months.


The First Week Baseline of Cheuk Cheuk – Play Skills

Play skill is often an overlooked area of intervention. Playing toys, games or activities serves as a replacement skill and a vehicle for children to engage with other people socially.

In this video, Toby explains how we evaluate Cheuk Cheuk’s performance and the importance of developing sound Play skills. Let’s see how Cheuk Cheuk is doing and what Play skill areas he needs to further work on.


The First Week Baseline of Cheuk Cheuk – Social Skills

Difficulties with social skills and social interactions are a hallmark of #ASD. Their difficulties with social interaction may manifest in various ways, such as lack of social interests and difficult to interpret non-verbal cues.

In this video, Toby will discuss how we evaluate Cheuk Cheuk’s performance in terms of social. Let’s take a look at Cheuk Cheuk’s social skills and see if it’s a domain take we need to target in the coming months.


The First Week Baseline of Cheuk Cheuk – Behavior Skills

Behavior problems of children with ASD such as tantrums, non-compliance, physical aggression and self-injury are major barriers to effective acquisition of other skills. Problem behaviors are among the most challenging issues faced by parents and teachers in their efforts to provide appropriate educational programs.

In the first few days, Cheuk Cheuk has also demonstrated behavior problems during training sessions. In this video, Toby will explain how we evaluate Cheuk Cheuk’s performance in terms of behavior management.

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