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Kimi’s 6 months ABA training Review– Language/Learning/Play/Social Skills

Kimi’s been having ABA training for 6 months at AP, let’s take a look at his progress made within the first 6 months!

Language Skills:
When first arrived at AP at the age of 2 and a half, Kimi already has a delay in his first language. He was unable to pronounce words and unable to express himself verbally. After half a year of ABA training in AP, let’s see how he is now.

Learning How to Learn Skills:
At 2 and a half years old, Kimi has exhibited a lot of behavior problems, and he has difficulties paying attention in class. After half a year of ABA training in AP, let’s see how he is doing in our classes.

Play Skills:
When first arrived Autism Partnership, Kimi has also exhibited narrowed toy and game interest. He only liked playing with cars an trains, with very repetitive and simple play format. Let’s take a look at his play skills after 6 months of ABA training in Autism partnership.

Social Skills

To recap his previous training videos, please watch:

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