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A Work in Progress – Kasey – Asking “Who” Questions

Have you noticed that children with ASD are often awaiting others to ask them questions?

Many parents of children with autism are concerned about how to teach their child to make comments or ask questions more spontaneously. Some parents say, “My child is non-verbal, let alone make a verbal request.”, while other parents say “ When my child wants a toy, he never says it, all he does is pulling me over.”, and some say “My child has language skills, but if nobody asks him, he will not say anything.”

Teaching children to ask questions spontaneously and at the appropriate situation is very important, this will guide them in becoming an independent and active learner.

In the past few weeks, Kasey has learnt to answer “WH” questions and asking “Where” questions. This week, we have emphasized Kasey in asking “Who” questions. Let’s take a look!

Card -> Book – > Real life situation.

To recap his previous videos, please watch:

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