Jumpstart program

Do you want to experience high quality AP method within a short time frame?

The Jumpstart Program is a 5-day intensive therapy program using the Autism Partnership Method (APM), and is conducted by AP’s most experienced Behavioural Consultant. This is a powerful opportunity for families to make rapid progress with their child in a short time frame. We will be able to identify critical learning areas, examine trouble areas and provide intensive focus to address the learning and developmental issues of the child.

Process of the Program

Features of Jumpstart

  • Behavioral Consultant provides daily direct 1 on 1 AP Method training
  • 36 hours of intensive AP Method treatment
  • Highly individualized treatment plan with specific objective and goals
  • Home-based therapy with a more private and nature way for your child

Jumpstart is perfect for:

  • Families that are new to the ABA and would like to experience what AP is able to achieve in a short time frame. This enables better decisions about joining longer term services from AP.
  • Families that are experiencing specific difficulties and would like to solve problems and focus on a specific area to enable more and rapid progress.
  • Families who want a boost to start the program in the most optimal way.

Time: In March (consecutive 5 days)
Time: Training Session: 9:00 am – 3:30 pm (with 1-hour lunch included)
Parent Meeting: 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Language: English
Location: At child’s home
Fees: USD14,000 (JPY1,570,000)

*Price includes cost of consultant’s airfare, accommodation and therapy materials during the 5 days period.

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「We did Jumpstart six weeks after my son was diagnosed.
When I say it was a life-changing event for everyone, I truly mean it!」

– Jane Heisel, M.D., M.S. –


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