Autism Partnership Beijing ASD Conference 2019:Effective Implementation of ABA Treatment for Children with Different Levels of ASD

Children with ASD often have difficulties in the learning process of behaviour, social interaction and communication skills. Thus, each progress made in different stages of the child’s life are important to their parents; from non-verbal to verbal, from preparing for school to adapting to school life, and from learning social aspects to maintaining meaningful friendships. Parents and teachers need a systematic, effective and natural way of teaching these essential skills within the “golden age” for the best outcome of treatment for ASD children.

In this ASD conference, our AP Director, Toby Mountjoy, will share his 20 years of expertise and experience in ABA treatment, and together with the principal of Aoi Pui School, Kathleen Man, and our experienced Behavioral Consultant, Catherine Tam, to discuss the critical school readiness for children with ASD.


Event Details:

   Date and Time:    23 March, 2019 (Sat.) 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
   Venue:    Landi Fashion Park – 3/F, Amber Palace
   (No. 88 Beiyuan East Road, Chaogyang, Beijing, China)
   Language:    English & Putonghua
   (with simultaneous translation)
   Target Audience:    Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Social Workers,
   any other related Professionals
   Available Seats:    250 seats
   Continue Education Credits:    Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA): 4 points
   Topics:    1. How to Teach Non-verbal Children with ASD to Speak
   2. Critical School Readiness Skills for Young Children with ASD
   3. Using ABA to Solve Behavior Problems in Primary/
   Secondary School (English)
   Early-bird Discount:
   On or before 22th Mar. (Fri.)
   Individuals HKD 1150 (~RMB 1000)
   Parents with ASD kids HKD 1000 (~RMB 870)

Online Registration is CLOSED.
You can pay HKD1,380 / RMB 1,200 for Onsite Registration.

Topics and Rundown:

Time Topic & Abstract
9:00am – 10:05am How to Teach Non-verbal Children with ASD to Speak – Part 1 (English)
Mr. Toby Mountjoy
Autism Partnership Director

Autism spectrum disorder primarily affects the development of children’s social and communication skills. Therefore, increasing the ability of children to communicate is an indispensable part of training. Establishing good spontaneous communication skills will not only greatly reduce the child’s behavioral problems, but also help them integrate into the social life and enable them to understand the various situations of daily life by using communication to improve their quality of life.

Mr. Mountjoy will introduce different types of language expressions through lectures and videos. He will also teach how to improve the motivation of children to increase their effectiveness of learning and communication with others.
10:05am – 10:20am Break
10:20am – 11:30am How to Teach Non-verbal Children with ASD to Speak – Part 2 (English)
Mr. Toby Mountjoy
Autism Partnership Director

11:30am – 12:30pm Lunch break
12:30pm – 2:00pm Critical School Readiness Skills for Young Children with ASD (Mandarin)
Ms. Catherine Tam
Behavioral Consultant

Parents of children with ASD are eager to send their children to school just like other typically developing children, while many schools also welcome children with ASD to learn in their schools. However, parents and teachers are often not well informed whether the learning environment provided by the schools are conducive to the long-term development of the children. If children lack of relevant learning ability and send them to school hastily, it will not only hinder their progress, but also delay the “golden age” of treatment.

In the presentation, Ms. Tam will discuss the conditions and skills that children with ASD need before entering school, and also provide guidelines of criteria to objectively assess rather a child is ready for school or not. Topics will also include methods in training children step by step from “one-on-one” training to “smaller group teaching” and lastly to “bigger group learning”.

2:00pm – 2:15pm Break
2:15pm – 3:45pm Using ABA to Solve Behavior Problems in Primary /Secondary School (English)
Ms. Kathleen Man
AP School Principal

Aoi Pui School (APS) is the only school in Hong Kong with tailored education system and teaching method designed specifically for the needs of moderate to high functioning children with ASD. Between 2013 and 2017, up to 50% of the graduated students were successfully connected to mainstream schools.

The Principal of APS, Ms. Man, will compare the traditional teaching method adopted by general schools with the teaching method by APS. She will further demonstrate how ABA is applied at APS to reduce students’ challenging behaviors, and how the teachers utilize systems to maintain behaviors. Lastly, she will discuss how to review and adjust students’ individual needs under the group teaching format.

3:45pm – 4:00pm Q&A session

Registration Fee:

RRP: HKD 1380/person (~RMB 1200)

Early-bird Discount:
   On or before 22th Mar.
   Individuals    HKD 1150 (~RMB 1000)
   Parents with ASD kids
   * report evidence proof needed
   HKD 1000 (~RMB 870)
   Group of 20+ participants    HKD850 (~RMB740)


  1. This conference is for adults only, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter.
  2. Each Registration No. is for ONE participant ONLY, the number cannot be shared with others, neither other family members nor members of a group (admission identification checking is required).
  3. Group of 20+ participants: Email: Phone No: (852) 2174 6888

Online Registration is CLOSED.
You can pay HKD1,380 / RMB 1,200 for Onsite Registration.


Speaker Biography:

Mr. Toby Mountjoy
MSc, BCBA, Director of Autism Partnership

Mr. Toby Mountjoy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and holds a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis. With over 20 years of experience working with individuals with ASD, he has been extensively trained by Dr. Ronald Leaf, Dr. Mitchell Taubman and Dr. John McEachin. Besides overseeing the Autism Partnership operation in Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines and Singapore with over 200 staff, including psychologists, consultants and therapists, he has also provided consultations to school districts, agencies, and families worldwide. Mr. Mountjoy has also contributed chapters to publications such as “Sense & Nonsense” and “It’s Time for School”. In 2007, he founded the charitable Autism Partnership Foundation and Aoi Pui School to offer more services for children with Autism.
Ms Kathleen Man
B.S.S, Behavioral Consultant, Principal of Aoi Pui School

Ms. Kathleen Man, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, she joined Autism Partnership in 1998, and has been extensively trained by Dr. Ronald Leaf, Dr. John McEachin, Dr. Mitch Taubman. She worked as a Clinical Supervisor for Autism Partnership Hong Kong, managing cases, parent training, setting of Little Learners, a toddler preschool program and staff training at the Hong Kong office, she also participated in setting up and training in our overseas offices, Singapore and Japan office. She is now currently and has been the Principal of Aoi Pui School since 2007, and is responsible for developing the School, and its program in Hong Kong, increasing public awareness of ABA. She trained over 50 therapists and provide services to over 150 kids with ASD in the past years.
Ms Catherine Tam

Ms. Catherine Tam holds a Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Analysis and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She joined Autism Partnership in 2005 and began working as a Program Specialist. She has extensive experience with children and teenagers with autism in one-on-one and group settings. She is now responsible for providing individual ABA therapy and counseling to teenagers and young adults with ASD, supervising individual cases in Hong Kong, and providing professional training and consultation to families and agencies in Mainland China and overseas countries. She also produces ABA training videos and articles in the APSPARKS website for public education.

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